Relative gaps (over-delivery or shortfall) between greenhouse gas projections and 2010 targets for EU-15 Member States

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For all EU15 Member States projections assume existing and additional domestic policies and measures were available, but for some Member States projections did not change compared to last year's, or updates were taken from NAPs



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The effect of EU ETS, where available from Member States, was included in WEM projections (see Section 4.3.4). The effect of the Kyoto mechanisms is included for the ten Member States that intend to use them for reaching their target data (see Chapter 7). Data on the net effect of emissions and removals from carbon sinks under Article 3.3 and 3.4 of the Kyoto Protocol were provided by 10 Member States. Adjustments to the base year according to Article 3.7 were performed for Portugal, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.In July 2007, Spain adopted a Plan of Urgent Measures against Climate Change. Spain plans to fulfil its commitment under the Kyoto Protocol through these measures, which will be implemented in 2007. The consideration of these measures in the report was not possible as this information was not submitted in time and the data were not detailed enough.According to Denmark´s NAP for the period 20082012 and additional information submitted to the Commission, Denmark plans to reach its target by initiating new national climate initiatives, although these have not been identified yet.


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