Relative contribution of different factors to the net modelled ozone change

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The factors considered are intercontinental transport (‘bckd’, pink box), European emission strategies (‘emissions’, blue), and climate change (‘climate’, orange). The net (‘All’, white) modelled ozone change is expressed in SOMO35. Graph presents the modelled ozone change in 2050 compared to the present day for a reference (left) and climate mitigation (right) scenarios

European data


Additional information

Model sensitivity studies allow disentangling the various factors bearing upon future ozone exposure in Europe. The emission scenarios considered here are those of the Global Energy Assessment (Riahi et al., 2012): the reference scenario ignores any climate policy, while the mitigation scenario aims at limiting global warming at 2°C by the end of the century, they have identical air quality policy targets.
Boxes in the right half of each graph indicate an increase in SOMO35; in the left half, a decrease.


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