Quietness Suitability Index (QSI) and Natura 2000

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The map shows the index of suitable quiet areas across Europe combined with the Natura2000 protected areas


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Suitable distance layer from noise sources built following a fuzzy approach (*), calculating the 'membership' to the quietness range (0–1) by means of a linear relationship, considering the mean value obtained as no suitable (= 0) and maximum distance obtained as suitable (= 1). The distance values between not suitable (mean value) and suitable (maximum value) will be reassigned with a new value between 0 and 1 following a linear equation. The noise map has been combined with the Natura 2000 data for Europe.

 (*) The production of threshold distance layers around noise sources has been made following a fuzzy approach rather than obtaining a buffer with sharp limits. Membership to a 0-1 range has been obtained according to a linear function.

Full methodology: Good practice guide on quiet areas.Technical report No 4/2014


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