Percentage of water bodies not in good ecological status or potential, per river basic district

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The map presents the proportion of surface water bodies (rivers, lakes, transitional and coastal waters) in less than good ecological status per River Basin District.

European data


Additional information

• The map is based on information reported under the Water Framework Directive as part of countries’ second river basin management plans. These plans were finalised in 2015 and reported between 2016 and 2018. The results cover the period up to 2015.
• The percentages are based on only surface water bodies with known ecological status or potential (i.e. they do not include water bodies with unknown status). Caution is needed when comparing results between countries, as results can be affected significantly by the methodologies used by individual countries.
• Data sets on surface water body quality for Switzerland reported under the framework of EEA priority data flows are not compatible with the EU Water Framework Directive assessments and are not included in the figure.

• RBD: River Basin Districts.


Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage


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