Projected gaps between 2020 GHG emissions and national targets in the sectors not covered by the EU ETS

Figure Created 18 Oct 2011 Published 18 Oct 2011 Last modified 29 Nov 2012
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Based on preliminary estimates and calculations by EEA. Data may change in 2012 pending on the publication of 2012 GHG emission inventories and on further comments from Member States concerning ETS scope corrections. Progress calculated based on domestic emissions only, without accounting for possible use of flexibilities. Relative gaps estimated by dividing the difference between projected non‑ETS 2020 emissions and estimates of 2020 targets under the Effort Sharing Decision by EEA estimates of 2005 non‑ETS emissions (for a scope consistent with the 2013–2020 period, i.e. taking into account the changes in scope of the EU ETS, in particular installations opted out in 2005 and included in the ETS in 2008–2012, and the extension of the ETS scope from 2013 onwards).




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