Known distribution of the tiger mosquito in Europe (Aedes albopictus)

Figure Created 16 Jun 2016 Published 20 Dec 2016 Last modified 22 Feb 2017
The maps displays information and the presence/absence of Aedes albopictus. RED: An established population (evidence of reproduction and overwintering) of the species has been observed in at least one municipality within the administrative unit. YELLOW: The species has been introduced (but without confirmed establishment) in the administrative unit within the last 5 years of the distribution status date DARK GREEN: Field surveys or studies on mosquitoes were conducted and no introduction (during the last 5 years) or no established population of the species have been reported MEDIUM GREY: No data for the last 5 years are available to local experts LIGHT GREY: No information is available about field studies on mosquitoes during the last 5 years.

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The most recent version of this map (with a different colour scheme) is available here:

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