Past and projected global surface temperature change (relative to 1980–1999), based on multi‑model averages for selected IPCC scenarios

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The figure shows the past and projected change in global surface temperatures. If global greenhouse gas emissions would not be reduced, the 2°C target will be exceeded towards the middle of the 21st century. The horizontal 2°C target line takes into account warming of about 0.6 °C from pre-industrial to 1990. “Likely” ranges in average 2090-2099 warming for all six IPCC scenarios are shown on the right


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The geographical coverage for the figure relate to the world.

The bars on the right of the figure indicate the best estimate (solid line within each bar) and the likely range assessed for all six IPCC marker scenarios at 2090–2099 (relative to 1980–1999). The horizontal black line has been added by EEA to indicate the EU Council conclusion and UNFCCC Copenhagen Accord objective of 2 °C maximum temperature increase above pre-industrial (1.4 °C above 1990 because of about 0.6 °C temperature increase from the pre-industrial period to 1990).


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