Overall ambition level of national targets for primary and final energy consumption in 2020

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Taken together the figure shows that the sum of all individual 2020 targets from Member States’ for their primary energy consumption add up to an overall EU level which remains 3 % higher than the target defined for the EU under the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). For final energy consumption, the sum of Member States individual targets is by 0.3 % higher than the reduction level defined in the EED.

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The Member States grouped as ‘Other Member States’ are those which have a 2020 target on primary energy consumption lower than 20 Mtoe and a 2020 target on final energy consumption lower than 15 Mtoe. In order of decreasing magnitude of 2020 target, these countries are Denmark, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ireland, Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Malta.


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