Observed latitudinal shifts of four species over 25 years in Britain

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This graph shows the observed latitudinal shifts of the northern range boundaries of species within 4 exemplar taxonomic groups, studied over 25 years in Britain. (A) Spiders (85 species), (B) ground beetles (59 species), (C) butterflies (29 species), and (D) grasshoppers and allies (22 species). Positive latitudinal shifts indicate movement toward the north (pole); negative values indicate shifts toward the south (Equator). Horizontal lines mark the Median, boxes the 25 to 75 % quartile and whisker the range (up to 1.5 times the interquartile distance). Open Circles are outliers.


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spiders 1965-1975 to 1990-2000, ground beetles 1965-1975 to 1990-2000, butterflies 1970-1982 to 1995-1999, grasshoppers 1960-1970 to 1985-1995


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