Land take in 2012-2018 in protected areas of FUAs of the EU-27 and the UK region, by country and protection type

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Left chart: The extent of land take during 2012-2018 (in percentage of the 2012 value) in protected areas of the FUAs is presented in the barchart, broken down by countries and protection type. The dataset covers the entire EEA-39 region but the figure only presents EU-27+UK countries. Right map: Land take is derived from comparing the Urban Atlas 2012 and 2018 datasets of the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service. Land take is expressed as the converted area in percentage of the 2012 land cover extent (percentage of non-urban land cover in 2012 that is converted to urban land cover by 2018). The dataset covers the entire EEA-39 region but te map only presents EU-27+UK countries.

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