Greenhouse gas emission targets of EU-15 Member States for 2008-2012 relative

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In the Council decision (2002/358/EC) on the approval by the EU of the Kyoto Protocol the various commitments of the Member States are expressed as percentage changes from the base-year


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In 2006 the respective emission levels will be expressed in terms of tonnes of CO2-equivalent. In this connection, the Council of Environment Ministers and the Commission have, in a joint statement, agreed to take into account inter alia the assumptions in Denmark's statement to the Council Conclusions of 16-17 June 1998 relating to base-year emissions. The base year is 1990 for all EU-15 Member States for CO2, methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). 1995 is used for fluorinated gases, with the exception of France and Finland where 1990 is used.


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