Greenhouse gas emission targets of all EU-27 Member States, EU candidate and other EEA member countries for 2008-2012 relative to base-year emissions

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Base-year emissions are determined in Initial reports, submitted in 2006 and undergoing UNFCCC review in 2007



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Therefore emission targets presented in this graph are still subject to further change. In Commission Decision 2006/944/EC determining the respective emission levels allocated to the Community and each of its Member States under the Kyoto Protocol, the respective emission levels were expressed in terms of tonnes of CO 2equivalent. In connection with Council Decision 2002/358/EC, the Council of Environment Ministers and the Commission have, in a joint statement, agreed to take into account inter alia the assumptions in Denmark's statement to the Council Conclusions of 1617 June 1998 relating to base-year emissions in 2006. In 2006, it was decided to postpone a decision on this until after all Community and Member State initial reports have been reviewed under the Kyoto Protocol. Croatia´s base-year emissions include an additional 3.5 Mt CO 2eq, in accordance with Decision 7/CP.12 of the Conference of the Parties under the UNFCCC.


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