Generation of textile waste in 2020, in kilograms per capita

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Amounts of separately collected textile waste from economic activities and households were obtained from Eurostat’s ENV_WASGEN dataset. The amounts of textile waste in mixed municipal waste are estimations based on waste composition analyses (WCAs) and calculated on the mixed municipal waste from household and similar sources. As there is no harmonised method for the WCA throughout Europe, caution should be taken when interpreting these numbers. No data available on textiles in mixed municipal waste for Türkiye. Note that, due to a lack of capacity, Ireland and Norway were not able to verify these data. Therefore data are calculated based on the residual waste composition provided in EEA’s Early Warning assessment (EEA, 2022). Italy indicated that the amount from economic activities is an overestimation as this includes non-textile waste like scraps from leather manufacturing or secondary textile waste.

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