Gap between 2008 GHG emissions in the sectors not covered by the EU ETS and relative Kyoto targets accounting for the effect of allocation to the EU ETS

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  • Allocation: allowances freely allocated or auctioned to the EU ETS in 2008.
  • A positive value indicates a country for which 2008 emissions in the sectors that are not covered by the EU ETS are below its

2008–2012 average annual target, taking into account the effect of the allocation to the EU ETS but without use of carbon

sinks and Kyoto mechanisms.

  • The gap for 'EU‑15' is assessed by considering the sum of the gaps of the 15 EU Member States which are part of the

burden-sharing agreement. Since Member States with a surplus can use any remaining allowances for their own purposes

and not necessarily transfer them via the flexible mechanisms to compensate for Member States with a shortfall, a gap is

also calculated for 'EU‑15 (no overachievement)', where only shortfalls are considered, but not any surplus.


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