EU Member State progress in meeting 2010 NEC Directive emission ceilings and 2020/2030 reduction commitments

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'Black check mark' indicates that the emission ceiling or reduction commitment has been, or is anticipated to be, attained. The NEC Directive does not include a 2010 ceiling for PM2.5. ‘Red cross’ indicates that the ceiling or reduction commitment has not been, or is not anticipated to be, attained.


Additional information

Greece did not report data in 2017.

The comparison with current emission ceilings is calculated based on unadjusted emissions. Following a review of submitted adjustment applications by the European Commission, and if approved, the number of Member States exceeding one or more emission ceilings in 2015 would decrease from 12 to 3, with emissions from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland and Luxembourg now being below all of their respective ceilings. Austria would be very close to meeting all of its ceilings. Germany and Spain would still exceed their NH3 ceilings.

The WM or ‘with measures’ projection is calculated by Member States on the basis of adopted policies and measures currently in place. For assessing attainment with the 2020 and 2030 reduction commitments, for each Member State NOx and NMVOCs emissions from the two main agricultural activities, manure management (3B) and agricultural soils (3D), are subtracted, as required by the new NEC Directive.

Six Member States reported besides the WM projections also ‘with additional measures’ (WAM) scenarios that reflect adopted as well as planned measures: Germany, Croatia, Ireland, Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia. If these WAM projections are compared with the 2030 reduction commitments, results indicate that some countries consider themselves on track towards meeting their commitments for some pollutants.


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