EU‑27 transport emissions of GHG

Figure Created 23 Nov 2012 Published 27 Nov 2012 Last modified 29 Nov 2012
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Graph with two lines showing total GHG emissions for transport (including intl. Aviation) and international maritime transport. 2030 and 2050 target reductions also shown as dotted lines.



Additional information

The figure includes proxy data for 2011, which is an EEA preliminary estimate. It was originally estimated excluding international bunkers. In order to show 2011 data covering the same scope as in previous years, 2010 value of international aviation emissions was added to the 2011 proxy. This corresponds to the basic assumption that international aviation emissions did not change between 2010 and 2011, which would in fact be similar to the trend observed in 2009-2010 (-0.1%). On the figure, the 2010-2011 trends is dashed


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