Establishment in the pan-European region of the worst invasive alien species threatening biodiversity (all ecosystems)

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Abstract: Not all invasive alien species are equally harmful to native biodiversity



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The 163 species on the list 'worst invasive alien species' in Europe have therefore been identified to be those most significantly impacting native European biodiversity at the genetic, species or ecosystem levels, and which may in addition affect human health, society or the economy. To highlight the trend in the impact of invasive alien species to biodiversity in Europe the year of establishment of the species on the list of worst invasive species has been analysed. The figure shows e.g. that every year during the last 50 years at least one alien species is established in Europe that significantly will impact the biodiversity. There is no tendency this trend is changed and thus from the perspective of invasive alien species impacting biodiversity in Europe little sign of progress towards halting biodiversity loss.


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