Electricity production by fuel, EU-27

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Data shown are for gross electricity production and include electricity production from the both public plants and auto-producers



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Renewables include electricity produced from hydro (excluding pumping), biomass, municipal waste, geothermal, wind and solar PVs. The share of renewables presented in the chart is that for production and, hence, does not correspond to the share for consumption, as required by Directive 2001/77/EC. The difference between both shares is accounted for by the net balance between imports and exports of electricity. The EU27 value for 1990 includes (former) West Germany, only and since 1991 does it refer to Germany. More than half of the increase in electricity generation in the EU27 in 1991 was accounted for by Germany alone, compared to just 10 % over the period of 1991-2005. 'Other fuels'; include electricity produced from power plants not accounted for elsewhere, such as those fuelled by certain types of industrial waste. It also includes the electricity generated from hydropower plants.

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