Efficiency (electricity and heat) from public conventional thermal plants, 1990, 2010

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Output from conventional thermal power stations consists of gross electricity generation and also of any heat sold to third parties (combined heat and power plants) by conventional thermal public utility power stations as well as autoproducer thermal power stations.


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The EEA efficiencies exclude Iceland for conventional and for public conventional. Iceland is missing because there is no data since 2007 in Eurostat. For Norway its efficiency is above 100% in 1990 because the electricity consumed for heating is not considered as an input, although the heating from electric boilers is considered in total output. Swedish conventional and public conventional efficiencies are above 100% in some years (when including district heating), but not in 1990 or in 2010, so Sweden is included in the charts. Luxembourg is excluded from the graph showing public conventional thermal plants because the efficiencies are above 100% since 2001, this is due to data confidentiality issues of the energy producers.


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