EEA reprojected EMEP grid

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"EEA has reprojected the grid used by EMEP for analyses on air emissions (150*150 km2 and 50*50 km2 grids covering Europe)

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The original EMEP grids have been reprojected into the standard projection used by EEA in order to facilitate re-use of EMEP information on air emissions, deposition and critical loads in EEA products. Organisations responsible for delivering national data to EMEP should always use the grid in polar stereographic projection as provided by EMEP ( ). See also footnote on this page." The REPROJECTED EMEP grid is provided with two different cell sizes: 150*150 km2 and 50*50 km2. Both grids are available covering the land area of Europe only and the total of Europe. The grid is available in the projection: Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area (ETRS_1989_LAEA_52N_10E).




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