Distance-related charges for the EU-15 in 2002 (EUR/vehicle-km) and minimum estimates for marginal cost

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The figures show the distance-related charges for petrol and diesel cars in 2002


European data


Additional information

This can be compared to minimum estimates of marginal external costs (red lines). NB: The maximum estimates of marginal costs are considerably higher. The variable charges have been calculated with country-specific fuel efficiencies and fuel charges. Tolls for Greece could not be included in these figures due to lack of information. The best- and worst-case marginal cost estimates are EUR 0.048 and EUR 0.133 respectively for a petrol car, and EUR 0.056 and EUR 0.163 for a diesel passenger car (see EEA, 2006, Fact sheet 25 EU - External costs of transport). The best-case values are indicated with a red line. Road figures relate to 2002 due to the time lag in statistics on traffic volume.



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