Copper concentration in European Union soils

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Map of Copper concentrations in European Union agricultural top soils (upper 20 cm).


Additional information

Input data: GEMAS (Reiman et al. 2013); Eurostat 2010

  1. The data provided has been prepared for use by internal research activities in European Soil Data Centre (Sustainable Resources Directorate, JRC Ispra) in the context of developing the assessments of diffuse pollution and as a contribution to soil threats in Europe (RECARE project).
  2. The data were developed for research purposes of the JRC (European Commission). The JRC does not accept any liability whatsoever for any error, missing data or omission in the data, or for any loss or damage arising from its use. The JRC agrees to provide the data free of charge but is not bound to justify the content and values contained in the databases.
  3. The data/maps are result of interpolation (and advanced geostatistics) and they should be used with care. It is not recommended to use this dataset for qualifying the status of a point (parcel).


Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage




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