Climate-ADAPT case studies applying adaptation measures for key European risks

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The figure shows a snapshot of the number of case studies that implement Climate-ADAPT adaptation options (58 in total, see here: for each of the five risk clusters of the European Climate-Risk Assessment by March 2024.

European data


Additional information

The coverage of the European Climate Risk Assessment (EUCRA) risks with Climate-ADAPT case studies was assessed by analysing the coverage of EUCRA risks with Climate-ADAPT adaptation options ( and the case studies (interlinked to those adaptation options). The selection was supported by expert judgement. 5 case studies from the Spanish adaptation platform AdapteCCa were excluded from the analysis.PLEASE NOTE: Further details of the evidence for this analysis is shown in an EXCEL table that is interlinked in the briefing for further reading (/r/teams/-EXT-ETCCA/_layouts/15/Doc.aspx?sourcedoc=%7B272443D3-8FBA-42F0-8185-7D759C69A689%7D&file=Briefing%20Supplementary%20material_Figure5.xlsx&action=default&mobileredirect=true">


Geographic coverage

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