Chemical risk estimates for European water bodies

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The map displays the fraction of sites where the maximum chemical concentration exceeds the acute risk threshold (left) and the mean chemical concentration exceeds the chronic risk threshold (right) for any organism group. The color code in the map shows the level of chemical risk, from low chemical risk (green) to high chemical risk (red).

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River basins with up to six sites are displayed in gray, whereas river basins without data are displayed in white. Direct comparisons between river systems are potentially biased by the ecotoxicologically relevant compounds analyzed and the limit of quantification of the compounds.

The maps are adapted from:

Malaj, E., et al., 2014, 'Organic chemicals jeopardize the health of freshwater ecosystems on the continental scale',Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America111(26), pp. 9549-9554.


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