Average annual percentage change in efficiency of electricity and of electricity and heat production from conventional thermal plants, 1990-2003

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Output from conventional thermal power stations consists of gross electricity generation and also of any heat sold to third parties (Combined heat and power plants) by conventional thermal public utility power stations as well as autoproducer thermal power stations



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Electricity production from conventional thermal power plants (this includes both public plants and autoproducers) is defined as the process of electricity production using combustible fuel sources (coal, natural gas, oil, waste or biomass) or existing heat sources (geothermal energy). The efficiency of electricity production is calculated as the ratio of electricity output to the total fuel input. However, the input to conventional thermal power plants cannot be separated into input for heat and input for electricity production. Therefore the efficiency rate of electricity and heat production equals the ratio of both electricity and heat production to fuel input (which assumes there is an efficiency rate for heat productio

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