Assessment of Good Environmental Status for MSFD Descriptor 8 Contaminants (UPBT substances), 2018

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The map gives and overview of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) Regions and Subregions that achieved a good environmental status (GES) for Descriptor 8, feature Contaminants (UPBT substances), resulting from the 2018 Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) Art. 8 reporting exercise. The map is extracted from the "2018 reporting of MSFD Article 8 – assessment of good environmental status (GES) per country or marine region/subregion" dashboard, excluding the seabed only areas (marine areas extending over 200nm from the coastline)

European data


Additional information

- The maps shows only marine regions/subregions for which the GES status of Descriptor 8, feature Contaminants (UPBT substances) was assessed either as "GES achieved by 2018" or "GES not achieved by 2018". The map thus not shows areas with "Not assessed", "Unknown" or "Not relevant" GES status. The spatial extent of the GES assessment areas was defined as the marine waters surrounding the EU countries whose outer limit is defined by the 200 NM boundary from the coast, and the map does not show "not assessed" areas in marine reporting units scale; as the assessment is aggregated on the Marine Region scale.

- The results on the GES assessments under Article 8 per MRUs that are stored in the Onager Marine database (the database storing the data submitted by MS in Reportnet/CDR)
were extracted from:


Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage


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