Annual mean NO2 concentration observed at traffic stations, 2010 (left) and annual mean PM10 concentration observed at traffic stations, 2010 (right)

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Annual mean NO2 and PM10 concentration observed at traffic stations, 2010.

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Two maps of Europe showing concentrations in ug/m3 for each of the two pollutants in all traffic stations available in 2010. The two highest NO2 concentration classes break (red and orange: corresponding to 40-45 and >45 ug/m3), provides information about the distribution of concentrations beyond the limit value correspond to the 2010 annual LV (40 μg/m3). The two highest PM10 concentration classes (red and orange) correspond to the 2005 annual LV (40 μg/m3), and to a statistically derived level (31 μg/m3) corresponding to the 2005 daily LV. The lowest class corresponds to the WHO air quality guideline for PM10 of 20 μg/m3.

For representation reasons, dots are moved to prevent overlapping. dark green dots are not moved, but light green are slightly moved to the east, yellow dots to the north and orange dots to the west


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