Arable land and permanent crops gains and losses between 2000 and 2018

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This map shows the loss and gain of arable land and permanent crops. Changes are monitored at 1 ha level whereas the map is aggregated in a 10 km2 grid.

European data


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Sectoral trends and high societal demand for agriculture and forestry outputs lead to pressures on land and soil. This has a range of negative environmental impacts, such as loss of biodiversity, , eutrophication, pressures on freshwater ecosystems or air pollution. Loss of arable land due to, for example, land abandonment in many cases causes loss of habitats for farmland species (Chapter 3). At the same time droughts, forest fires and floods are increasing threats, in particular in southern Europe. Sustainable management of our land and soil resources helps to maintain agricultural and forest productivity while improving the potential of land and soils as a carbon sink, supporting biodiversity and storing and filtering water and nutrients.



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