Agriculture and land cover change 2000 - 2006

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Based on Corine Land Cover 2006 and changes between 2000 and 2006, the map shows the distribution and intensity of selected Land Cover Flows (LCF) in agricultural area.

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Land cover changes between two inventories are grouped in so-called land cover flows (LCF) and are classified according to major land use processes.

The definitions of Land Cover Flows and theirs correspondence with Corine Land Cover codes can be found in the EEA report Land accounts for Europe 1990-2000 (Appendix 2).

Land Cover Flow (LCF) codes taken into account for the map:

  • LCF41 - Extension of set aside fallow land and pasture;
  • LCF46 - Conversion from pasture to arable land and permanent crops;
  • LCF6 - Withdrawal of farming.


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