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Premature deaths attributable to exposure to fine particulate matter, EU

Data Visualization Created 04 Oct 2023 Published 24 Nov 2023 Last modified 24 Nov 2023
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The continue green line and dots show the number of premature deaths attributed to exposure to PM2.5 above the WHO air quality guideline level of 5µg/m3, in the period 2005-2021. They show in 2021 a reduction of 41% of the deaths in 2005.
The blue dot represents the Zero Pollution Action Plan (ZPAP) target for 2030: 55% reduction of the premature deaths in 2005.


The number of premature deaths have been calculated according to methodology described in EEA's briefing Assessing the risks to health from air pollution ( and the ETC-EH Eionet report 2022/10 ( The current calculations will be presented in the forthcoming Eionet report "Health risk assessment of air pollution: assessing the environmental burden of disease of air pollution in Europe in 2021".

Data sources

Premature deaths due to exposure to fine particulate matter PM2.5 (2005-2021), EU SDG 11_52 provided by European Environment Agency (EEA)

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