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Green bond issuance as a percentage of total bond issuance by all issuers and each type of bond issuer in the EU, 2014-2022

Data Visualization Created 13 Jun 2023 Published 14 Jun 2023 Last modified 27 Oct 2023
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The figure shows the share of green bonds to total bonds issued in the EU and the share of green bonds of total bonds issued in the EU per issuer, such as corporates, governments, supranationals and subnationals.

More information

Data on bond and green bond issuances are compiled by commercial data providers. Data on corporates and sovereign bonds were downloaded on 3 March 2023 by ESMA, data on supranationals, municipalities, and agencies by the EEA on 28 March 2023.

Data sources

Refinitive Eikon provided by Refinitive
ESMA (direct link to the datasets is not available) provided by ESMA

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