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Landscape fragmentation status and trends, 2009-2015: country comparison

Data Visualization Created 12 Nov 2019 Published 28 Jan 2020 Last modified 28 Jan 2020
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EEA39,   without Cyprus, Iceland, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey due to poor data coverage of fragmentation geometries for this period

The Effective Mesh Density (seff) is a measure of the degree to which movement between different parts of the landscape is interrupted by a Fragmentation Geometry (FG). FGs are defined as the presence of impervious surfaces and traffic infrastructure, focusing only on major roads. The more FGs fragment the landscape, the higher the effective mesh density hence the higher the fragmentation. The geographic coverage of the dataset is EEA39.

seff, km2 and %

Data sources

Copernicus Land Monitoring Service - High Resolution Layers - Imperviousness provided by European Environment Agency (EEA)
Multinet street map (Dataset URL is not available) provided by American Digital Cartography Inc (ADCi)

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