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Hospital admissions for respiratory disease by 100,000 inhabitants attributable to O₃ for adults aged 65 years and above for 23 European countries

Data Visualization Created 17 Oct 2022 Published 29 Nov 2022 Last modified 01 Dec 2022
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  • Units: Hospital admissions/100,000 inhabitants (hospital admissions per 100,000 inhabitants ≥65 years).
  • Although 41 European countries have been considered, based on the data availability, there was only possible to estimate the hospital admissions for 23.

Data sources

ETC HE Report 2022/11: Estimating the morbidity related environmental burden of disease due to exposure to PM₂.₅, NO₂ and O₃ in outdoor ambient air provided by European Environment Agency (EEA) provided by European Environment Agency (EEA)
Air quality in Europe 2022 provided by European Environment Agency (EEA)

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