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Groundwater nitrate 2000-2021

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Annual mean concentrations are used as a basis in the indicator analyses. Unless the country reports aggregated data, the aggregation to annual mean concentrations is done by the EEA.

Automatic quality control procedures are applied both to the disaggregated and aggregated data, excluding data failing the tests from further analysis. In addition, a semi-manual procedure is applied, focusing on suspicious values having a major impact on the country time series and on the most recently reported data. This comprises e.g.:

• Outliers;

• Consecutive values deviating strongly from the rest of the time series;

• Whole time series deviating strongly in level compared to other time series for that country and determinant;

• Where values for a specific year are consistently far higher or lower than the remaining values for that country and determinant.

Such values are removed from the analysis and checked with the country.

For time series analyses, only complete series after inter/extrapolation are used. This is to ensure that the aggregated time series are consistent, i.e. including the same sites throughout. Inter/extrapolation of gaps up to 3 years are allowed, to increase the number of available time series. At the beginning or end of the data series, missing values are replaced by the first or last value of the original data series, respectively. In the middle of the data series, missing values are linearly interpolated. The selected time series are aggregated to country and European level by averaging across all sites for each year.

Data sources

Waterbase - Water Quality ICM provided by European Environment Agency (EEA)

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