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Projected progress of Member States towards their Effort Sharing Decision (ESD) targets

Data Visualization Created 11 Oct 2017 Published 07 Nov 2017 Last modified 09 Nov 2017
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Each bar represents a percentage change in the greenhouse gas emissions covered under Decision 406/2009/EC (the Effort Sharing Decision, ESD) between the 2005 base-year level and projected levels for 2020, at national level. See section "methodology" for further details on the calculation of base-year levels.


Based on:
• Projections of ESD emissions submitted by Member States in 2017;
• 2005 ESD base-year levels, calculated by EEA so as to be consistent with the relative 2020 ESD target (expressed in the 2009 ESD as a percentage of 2005 emissions) and the absolute 2020 target (set in a 2013 Commission Decision and revised in 2017). The EEA calculates 2005 ‘ESD base-year emissions’ as follows: ESD base-year emissions = 2020 absolute target/(1 + % of 2020 ESD target).

Data sources

Greenhouse gas projections (Update coming soon) provided by European Environment Agency (EEA)
Commission Decision 2013/162/EU provided by European Commission
Commission Implementing Decision 2013/634/EU provided by European Commission
Commission Decision (EU) 2017/1471 provided by European Commission

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