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Average annual drought-impacted area by land cover type, as a percentage of total country area

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The intensity values (anomalies) are standardised and hence are expressed in standard devitation units. The affected area is expressed in % of the given MAES ecosystem per country.

Standardized anomalies of yearly vegetation productivity during 2000-2019 are analysed in areas with drought pressure due to low soil moisture content. Anomalies are expressed in standard deviations compared to the long term average vegetation productivity conditions for each 500m grid cell in the EEA-39 region. The size of the impacted area is calculated from the sum of those grid cells where both the soil moisture and the vegetation productivity anomaly was below -1 standard deviation in the given year. The vegetation index used in the indicator is the Plant Phenology Index (PPI, Jin and Eklundh, 2014). PPI is based on the MODIS Nadir BRDF-Adjusted Reflectance product (MODIS MCD43 NBAR. The product provides reflectance data for the MODIS “land” bands (1-7) adjusted using a bi-directional reflectance distribution function. This function models values as if they were collected from a nadir-view to remove so called cross-track illumination effects. The product is distributed with 500m pixel size (MODIS Sinusoidal Grid) with 8-days compositing period. The web map service was derived from a 16 bit time series.

Reference: Jin, H., Eklundh, L. (2014): A physically based vegetation index for improved monitoring of plant phenology, Remote Sensing, 152, 512–525. Inpout to the PPI index was from MODIS NDVI.

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Copernicus Land Monitoring Service - Medium Resolution Vegetation Phenology and Productivity provided by European Environment Agency (EEA)

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