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Land cover and change accounts 2000-2018

Dashboard (Tableau)
Prod-ID: DAS-108-en
Published 25 Sep 2019
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This interactive data viewer provides an easy and comprehensive access to land cover accounts for Europe (EEA39 and EU28) derived from the CORINE land cover data series. Statistics are calculated for every 6 years of the acquisition period, as well as for the entire period (2000-2018). The viewer facilitates the assessment of land cover consumed or created over a specific period and the reason for the observed change (e.g. urban sprawl or arable land loss), which can be analyzed within user defined spatial units such as administrative regions, biogeographical regions or land cover classes.

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Land accounts describe, in a consistent and systematic way, the amount of land stock and its changes over time. All land covers may change into another category which would end up in numerous combinations too large for a transparent assessment. Therefore, the possible land cover changes are grouped into meaningful categories, the so called Land Cover Flows, such as urban land management (LCF1) or forest creation and management (LCF7). This enables to address drivers of land cover changes.


This viewer provides a transparent and comprehensive overview of European land accounts derived from the Copernicus Corine Land Cover dataset ( The land stock and its changes are observed for the years 2000, 2006, 2012 and 2018 together with the nature of changes, i.e. the land cover consumed or formed between those periods according to the land cover flows. Statistics can be explored for various administrative and bio-geographical units of the EEA39 region.


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