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The thematic accuracy of Corine land cover 2000 - Assessment using LUCAS

Assessment using LUCAS (land use/cover area frame statistical survey)

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Air quality and ancillary benefits of climate change policies

The Thematic Strategy on air pollution aims to improve European air pollution significantly by 2020. This report from the European Environment Agency looks a further ten years into the future, and brings together two major policy challenges — combating climate change and reducing air pollution — in an integrated way. Thus, the report analyses projected changes in European air quality up to 2030, and explores the possible benefits of climate policies on air quality and the costs of air pollution abatement.

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Policy effectiveness evaluation

Policy effectiveness evaluation helps to raise important questions about environmental policies: Are they working? Are they costeffective? If not, how can they be improved? By evaluating effectiveness we can provide support to environmental policies, and respond to the information needs of EEA clients. Effectiveness evaluation also provides an important feedback mechanism in the policy cycle. It is an essential tool to improve understanding of the difference that environmental policies make in the broader context of sustainable development.

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