Integrated SWM Project (Al Ekaider)

Integrated SWM Project (Al Ekaider) — 18 Apr 2011
Ongoing feasibility study by MeHSIP-PPIF. Al-Ekaider, the second largest landfill in the country, is located at the Jordan/Syria border near a valley that meanders from Jordan to Syria. The site is currently owned and managed by the Joint Services Council (JSC) of Irbid Governorate which comprises several municipal councils. The first five years of operation, the site received only the waste generated from Irbid Municipality. However, from 1986, the site started receiving waste from more areas, to serve today a total of 30 municipalities in four different Governorates, with a total population of about 1,000,000 people. The expected impact of this integrated project includes: (i) protect water table Yarmouk river basin and surrounding environment; upgrade site's overall environmental performance; and (ii) avoid potential danger of cross-border pollution towards Syria.
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