The administrative boundaries of the 38 EEA member countries and the United Kingdom layer contains various aggreation levels using the NUTS 2016 classification (Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics): country (NUTS0), NUTS1, NUTS2, and NUTS3 regions. The datasest has been created in raster format with a spatial resolution of 100m grid size, matching with the Corine Land Cover accounting layers.


Administrative boundaries of EEA38 and the United Kingdom (NUTS 2021, aligned with Corine Land Cover 2018) raster version (100 m), Mar. 2022GeoTIFFOGC:WMSESRI:REST
Published: 15 Mar 2022
Temporal coverage: 2018-2021

Archived or restricted datasets

EEA administrative boundaries based on GISCO NUTS 2021 and EBM 2022 - vector, Apr. 2022SHPESRI:RESTOGC:WMS
Published: 30 Apr 2022
Temporal coverage: 2018-2020