Waterbase is the generic name given to the EEA databases on the status and quality of Europes rivers, lakes, groundwater bodies and transitional, coastal and marine waters, and on the quantity of Europes water resources


Published: 7 Mar 2019
Temporal coverage: 1978-2013
Dataset contains data on physical characteristics of the transitional, coastal and marine water monitoring and flux stations, proxy pressures on the upstream catchment, basin and River Basin District associated with transitional and coastal waters, chemical quality data on nutrients in seawater and hazardous substances in biota, sediment and seawater, as well as data on direct discharges and riverine input loads. ***WARNING:*** Records, where errors and other quality issues and inconsistencies have been detected, have been removed from the dataset only in the most severe cases (missing primary key values, duplicates...). The other "problematic" records are left in. Each data table contains a set of special QA fields which are used to flag the particular quality issues detected in the individual records. The QA fields and flag codes are described in the QA documentation.