This series refers to datasets related to the potential occurrence of a climate-induced physical event or trend that may cause loss of life, injury, or other health impacts, as well as damage and loss to property, infrastructure, livelihoods, service provision, ecosystems and environmental resources. It includes datasets on flooding, drought, urban heat island and heatwaves, extreme temperatures and precipitations, fire


Projected number of extreme heatwaves (2068-2100; RCP 8.5; number in 33 years), Jul. 2015GeoTIFFOGC:WMSESRI:REST

Archived or restricted datasets

Projected forest fire danger (2071-2100; RCP 4.5; seasonal severity rating), Dec. 2016SHPOGC:WMSESRI:REST
Projected trends in drought frequency (RCP 8.5; 2071-2100; months/30-year period), Dec. 2016GeoTIFFOGC:WMSESRI:REST