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The WISE WFD database contains data from the 1st River Basin Management Plans reported by EU Members States according to article 13 of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The database includes information about surface water bodies (number and size, water body category, ecological status or potential, chemical status, significant pressures and impacts) and about groundwater bodies (number and size, quantitative status, chemical status, significant pressures and impacts). The information is presented by country, river basin district (RBD) and river basin district sub-unit (where applicable).

European data

WISE-WFD database


Additional information

To facilitate future comparisons, the RBDs and subunits are those used in the 2nd River Basin Management Plans (RBMP). 

Information about the 2nd River Basin Management Plans (RBMP) will be published later in 2018. Refer to the WFD Reporting Guidance for further information about the data.



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