WISE Water Accounts database for Europe

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Created 29 Nov 2019 Published 17 Dec 2019 Last modified 15 Dec 2022
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The WISE Water Accounts database contains monthly water accounts for the years 1990-2015 for 117 European river basins extracted from the ECRINS functional river basin districts. The water accounts data can be downloaded in two different formats: a spreadsheet that contains each accounting variable in a separate worksheet, and a database that contains all the variables of the asset and flow accounts to facilitate an integrated analysis. The WISE Water Accounts Spatial Units can also be downloaded from the EEA web site. Extensive clarifications on the development of the European water accounts can be found in the following reports published by the European Commission (DG ENV): "Guidance document on the application of water balances for supporting the implementation of the Water Framework Directive" ( and "Water ecosystem accounts reports" (

European data

Data download

The data set can be downloaded in Excel format and in Access format.

  • WISE Water Accounts - SPREADSHEET - version 2018 revision 3
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  • WISE Water Accounts - DATABASE - version 2018 revision 3
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GIS data

Geo data
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