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Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive concerns the collection, treatment and discharge of urban waste water and the treatment and discharge of waste water from certain industrial sectors. The objective of the Directive is to protect the environment from the adverse effects of the above mentioned waste water discharges.

European data


The dataset contains data reported by Member States under UWWTD reporting obligations: UWWTD implementation (Article 15) and UWWTD National Implementation Programme (Article 17). The dataset consists of tables containing information on: reported period, agglomerations, urban waste water treatment plants (UWWTPs), links agglomerations – UWWTPs, discharge points, receiving areas, and (at Member State level) sludge handling and treated waste water re-use. Relevant codelist tables (big cities, NUTS, common list of values) are included as well. Article 17 tables are distinguished by the „Art17“ prefix in the table name.

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Data tables

Definition of the tables and fields creating the published dataset is available in the Data Dictionaries (excluding the table T_UWWTPS_emission_load and codelist tables T_BigCity, T_LOV and T_NUTS – their definition is provided at the end of this section). Hyperlinks to the Data Dictionaries are embedded to the table names below:

UWWTD Article 15 tables

Table name

count of records


26 538


27 734








2 781


4 083


1 411






27 445


28 529

UWWTD Article 17 tables

Table name

count of records


3 474


5 516



Codelists and other tables

Table name

count of records






2 241


28 529


Table contains additional data on incoming and discharged loads of organic matter and nutrients, provided by some Member States beyond the scope of UWWTD compliance. The data can be linked with the T_UWWTPs for further characteristics for the specific plants. A QA flag for some records relates to certain criteria and should be considered by the user for specific purposes. Field uwwState is related to the records having value State in the codelist table T_LOV, field lovName. Fields uwwCode and uwwName are related to the table T_UWWTPs.

Field NameField definitionNoteData Type
uwwState Status of the UWWTP (link to the field lovID in the codelist table T_LOV) 105 = inactive, 106 = active Integer
rptMStateKey Member State abbreviation ISO 3166-alpha-2 code Text(2)
uwwCode ID of UWWTP / collecting system without treatment (link to the field uwwCode in the table T_UWWTPs) Text(32)
uwwName Name of the UWWTP (link to the field uwwName in the table T_UWWTPs) Text(255)
BODIncoming Incoming loads (t/y): BOD Decimal
CODIncoming Incoming loads (t/y): COD Decimal
NIncoming Incoming loads (t/y): Ntot Decimal
PIncoming Incoming loads (t/y): Ptot Decimal
BODDischarge Discharged loads (t/y): BOD Decimal
CODDischarge Discharged loads (t/y): COD Decimal
NDischarge Discharged loads (t/y): Ntot Decimal
PDischarge Discharged loads (t/y): Ptot Decimal
QA flag information on the data flagging Y = record flagged Text(1)
Remark reference to the detailed information on the QA of the emission load data Text(255)

Code lists

Codelist of Big cities / Big discharges

Field NameField definitionNoteData Type
bigCityID ID of the Big city Text(32)
bigCountryCode Member State abbreviation ISO 3166-alpha-2 code Text(4)
bigCity Name of the BigCity Text(255)

Codelist of NUTS

Field NameField definitionNoteData Type
nutNUTS ID of the NUTS Text(16)
nutCountryCode Member State abbreviation ISO 3166-alpha-2 code Text(2)
nutRegion Name of the NUTS Text(64)

Common codelist of values appropriated to various fields and tables

Field NameField definitionNoteData Type
lovName Name of the LOV Text(32)
lovKey Key of the LOV Text(16)
lovValue Value of the LOV Text(64)

GIS data

GIS data
  • UWWTD GIS shapefile
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Additional information

The directive imposes different reporting obligations (Situation report according to Article 16 and implementation programme according to Article 17). The data presented in the UWWTD Waterbase pertains to Articles 15 and 17 of the Directive, which stipulates that discharges from urban waste water treatment plants and amounts and composition of sludges disposed to surface waters must be monitored to verify the compliance with specific provisions of the Directive.

Some technical insight and familiarity with the terms and contexts used for the implementation of the UWWTD is required to make use of the tables.

By linking the information in the tables on agglomerations, UWWTPs, discharge points and receiving areas it is possible to obtain a complete picture showing what type of treatment  is applied to treat waste water generated in specific agglomeration, what is the character of the area (e.g. water body) receiving discharges from waste water treatment plans or collecting systems without treatment.

The content of the table with additional data can be used for further quantitative analyses on emissions from UWWTPs with different types of treatment and various size categories. A QA-document describes a flagging of some of the provided data according to certain criteria. These flags should be considered by the user for specific purposes.

All the tables from Waterbase can be downloaded for use by all stakeholders according to below Rights. Lists and explanation of codes can also be shown and downloaded from Additional information - Code Lists. Link to further details on reporting guidelines is given from below Reporting Obligations.