National emissions reported to the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (LRTAP Convention)

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Data on emissions of air pollutants submitted to the LRTAP Convention and copied to EEA

European data

Consolidated table for all countries in the NFR14 format

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Field nameField DefinitionNoteData typePrimary key
Emissions Emission value float(8) No
Country_code International Country Code ISO 3166-1-Alpha-2 code elements varchar(4) Yes
Country Country name varchar(53) No
Pollutant_name Short name of pollutant As, benzo(a), benzo(b), benzo(k), Cd, CO, Cr, Cu, Dioxins and furans, HCB, HCH, Hg, Indeno, NH3, Ni, NMVOC, NOx, Pb, PCB, PM10, PM2.5, Se, SOx, total PAH, TSP, Zn varchar(20) Yes
Format_name Name of guideline NFR14 sector classification varchar(100) No
Sector_code Sector code NFR14 sector classification varchar(15) Yes
Parent_sector_code Parent sector code NFR14 sector classification varchar(15) No
Sector_name Sector name NFR14 sector classification varchar(100) No
Year Annual data 1990 - 2013 varchar(4) Yes
Unit Emission unit varchar(40) No
Notation Notation key varchar(40) No

Additional information

Air pollutant emissions data viewer (LRTAP Convention) - Video


Additional information

Data compiled are annual national total and sectoral emissions of air pollutants and associated activity data reported by EEA member and cooperating countries. Data are available for download in the UNECE/EMEP Nomenclature for Reporting (NFR14) format used by countries. A consolidated dataset for all countries in the NFR14 format and consistent with the European Union's air pollutant emission inventory submission to the LRTAP Convention is also provided.



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