Fluorinated greenhouse gases 2022

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Created 05 Nov 2022 Published 08 Nov 2022 Last modified 28 Nov 2022
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Data reported by companies on the production, import, export, destruction and feedstock use of fluorinated greenhouse gases in the European Union during the years 2007-2021. The primary data is synthesised and aggregated at EU level and used to assess the progress on HFC phase-down made under both EU legislation and the UN framework as part of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.

European data

Fluorinated greenhouse gases 2022 (aggregated data)


Additional information

The geographical coverage is:

  • EU-27 member countries for the period: 2007-2012
  • EU-28 for the period 2013-2019
  • EU-27_2020 plus United Kingdom for the year 2020
  • EU-27_2020 for the year 2021 

(Croatia is included in the entire time series except for the period 2007-2008).



Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage

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