EIONET questionnaire on national contaminated sites

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Created 02 Dec 2022 Published 02 Dec 2022 Last modified 02 Dec 2022
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This is the result of the 2016 questionnaire commissioned by the Eionet Thematic Group Soil, EEA and the European Commission Joint Research Centre, for the revision of the Indicator "Progress in the management of contaminated site in Europe". The 2016 results have been quality-controlled and corrected in 2022, serving as the basis for this indicator update. The Eionet Thematic Group Soil (formerly National Reference Centres Soil) consists of experts from EU Member States as well as EFTA countries, and EU candidate and potential candidate countries (EEA-38).

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The key purpose of the source report is to provide factual data on the management of contaminated sites in Europe, necessary in the context of various national and EU-wide strategies and policies (e.g., the EU's Environment Action Programmes), based on replies to a questionnaire on a voluntary basis. It also aims to increase awareness on local soil contamination and to identify knowledge gaps with the aim to enable effective decision and policymaking within the European Union and its neighbours.



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