EEA Fast Track Service Precursor on Land Monitoring - Degree of soil sealing

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Raster data set of built-up and non built-up areas including continuous degree of soil sealing ranging from 0 - 100% in aggregated spatial resolution (100 x 100 m and 20 x 20m).

European data

Product 2:

Additional information

EEA FTSP degree of soil sealing

European validation of GMES FTS - Soil Sealing Enhancement data


Additional information

Please note that a complete revision of the 2006 “degree of soil sealing” dataset was produced in the frame of the FP7 project Geoland2, together with the 2009 imperviousness dataset. These products are called: “Revised Soil Sealing 2006, degrees of sealing 20m and 100m” and “imperviousness 2009, degrees of imperviousness 20m and 100m” and they are available since early 2013. We strongly recommend to use the revised soil sealing data instead of the outdated “EEA Fast Track Service Precursor on Land Monitoring – Degree of soil sealing” dataset. The copyright conditions for these products are such, that currently EEA is acting as data-custodian for Geoland2, and potential users need to request access and sign a license agreement. Please contact for any requests. The latest imperviousness update for 2012 is currently being finalized as part of the Copernicus land services and will be available free and open (see



Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage


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