Corine Land Cover 1990 raster data

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The Corine land cover database provides a pan-European inventory of biophysical land cover, using a 44 class nomenclature

European data

Land cover grid look up table

Look up table for shading of the land cover grid data

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LCGRCD Land Cover GRid CoDe (file sorted on this item) 0
SYMBOL Shade symbol see also: Data set LCEU 0
Land cover Europe grid 250m * 250 m grids

Relevant items of the value attribute table (LCEUGR250.VAT)

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VALUE Land Cover class (1-44) numeric 0
COUNT Number of occurences of value numeric 0
LCGRCD Land Cover GRid Code numeric 0
Land cover Europe look up table

Colour definitions (for land cover shading) in RGB values

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LCGRCD Land Cover GRid CoDe numeric 0
LCCD Land Cover CoDe ooo 0
SYMBOL Shade symbol (see also: Data set LCEU) 0
RVALUE Red component of the shade symbol colour 0
GVALUE Green component of the shade symbol colour 0
BVALUE Blue component of the shade symbol colour 0


Corine land cover methodology and illustrations
Corine land cover technical guide volume 2

Additional information

Land cover class names lcds.txt
Corine Land cover statistics per watershed. Version 06-1999
Corine land cover statistics per country. Version 06-1999
Corine Land cover statistics per biogeographical region. Version 06-1999


Additional information

It is made available on a 250m by 250m grid database which has been aggregated from the original vector data at 1:100 000. Corine land cover is a key database for integrated environmental assessment.
Geographical coverage note: data set includes parts of Morocco and Tunisia.



Geographic coverage

Temporal coverage